Monday, 28 March 2016

Thanatophobia infographic

In 2010, I created a Facebook support group for sufferers of thanatophobia (the fear of death). Managing this account can at times be stressful and difficult, but it is always rewarding - especially when someone tells me how much the group I created helped them.

A lot of questions get asked by newcomers to the group, as they struggle to learn if they are alone in the way they feel. With that in mind, I created a survey for members of the thanatophobia support group to take.

When more than 100 people responded, the only way to extract the complete data set was to pay, but the lovely members of the support group chipped in to raise the money to access the survey responses.

I have interrogated that data and designed this infographic to display, at a glance, some key facts about thanatophobia.

As I work in data analysis, I believe all of these results to be statistically significant, with the caveat that it is true of people who admit their phobia and seek help on the internet / Facebook.

For a high-quality version of this infographic, please follow this link:

Please note: You must credit if you reproduce this infographic.

Miss SAMawdsley xx


  1. Thanatophobia is a standout amongst the most ghastly fears since it is a fear of something that completely can't be maintained a strategic distance from - demise.

  2. I wondered if you had finished this and just stumbled upon it here. This is AMAZING. I'll definitely be referencing this in my book and will attribute it appropriately. Is there any way you'd be willing to send me the hard data? I will attribute that to you as well. I tend to think better in text than in infographics, which probably puts me in the minority -- but I'd love to be able to quote exact statistics and compare/contrast them with the other information I find. Seriously, well done. - Emily Millikan