Saturday, 9 June 2012

Breaking news: Girl wants to lose weight

I am going to England in... *checks Countdown app* ...two months, 23 days and 11 hours.

This is approximately 12 weeks. So I've decided that I want to lose weight before I leave - for numerous reasons. I'm not 100% happy with my shape, I wish I was a bit skinnier and yes, I worry about what people (read: guys. Ok, one guy!) think about my body. I'm not as secure as I like to make out.

I am 167cm tall and I weigh (I think) about 62kg. My scales don't have a battery in them right now. But regardless, I am not my goal weight which is 56kg. I am healthy but I am not skinny. But when I expressed this plan to lose weight over the next 12 weeks, through good old-fashioned diet and exercise, I was met with a lot of resistance.

I announced it to my dad in the hopes he could encourage me - to making better decisions when choosing food and to ensuring I do some sort of exercise every day. Dad responded: "Women would kill to have your figure". And I know he's right. Someone who weighs 80kg or who wished they had the classic hour glass figure I have would kill to have my figure. But I am not perfect and don't think I would ever be someone's ideal. In fact, in Hollywood, I would be the fat girl. I'm not making this up. I am the same height as Megan Fox. Now add 10kg because she weighs 52kg. And look at her. All walking around, living, breathing & looking hot without her organs shutting down. (Side note: We also both have brachydactyly. But I only have it in one thumb...)

167cm (5'6") & 52kg (115lbs)

I feel I am a few kilos overweight. I know my dad is wary because I had an eating disorder non-specified (EDNS) when I was around 15 or 16. I starved myself for days on end and as well as the milk run, I did around 500 sit ups every day - sometimes twice a day. I was the same height I am now but I weighed 52kg. That's more than 10kg less than I weigh now and the same as Megan Fox. So I know damn well there is room for improvement. I don't want to be that skinny. I went on a camp & when I came out in my bathing suit, the rest of the attendees were shocked at how skinny I was. And thanks to my hour glass figure, I'm not exaggerating, a guy actually managed to put his hands around my waist, touching both middle fingers and thumbs together to completely encircle my waist. It was a stretch & contorted my waist, but he did it. But having said this, the official underweight BMI is 18.5 and I had a BMI of 18.6 so I still, technically, wasn't underweight.

I currently have a BMI of 22.2 and am aiming for 20.1 (which would give me the same height & weight as the "curvy" Jennifer Lopez or the stunningly gorgeous Jessica Alba) so I am not in any way endangering my health.

167cm (5'6") & 58kg (127lbs)

I know I'm not fat but I still could be skinnier, fitter and more toned. So I am choosing healthier foods.
  • I used to have dessert every night but I am cutting that out.
  • I used to have 2-3 glasses of soft drink (Coke is my poison of choice) every day but I am going to try for only one with dinner, or even none.
  • I plan to have two pieces of fruit every day and try to drink more water.
  • I am completely cutting out takeaway.

I exercise a lot for fun but in addition to my football on Monday nights, training on Thursdays & a game every weekend, I plan to add more.
  • I want to do 30 minutes of stretching / yoga every day to lengthen my muscles and increase flexibility.
  • I want to go for a 7km ride or a 3km run every Tuesday and again on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on when my game is.
  • I plan to do light weights while I'm watching TV.
So rather than tell me I'm stupid for wanting to lose weight or insist that I'm perfect just the way I am, know that I thank you for your kind words and concern, but please just support me! Or if you feel like it, maybe even join me!

Miss SAMawdsley xx

PS: I recommend downloading "My Fitness Pal" to track your diet & exercise. Add me: Princess_Sassy

  • Have you ever tried to lose weight? Do you have any advice for me?
  • Have people ever not supported you in something you want to do?


  1. people who say "oh u dont need to... " are people who have identified something they dont like bout selves but are too lazy. they are projecting their own hangups and lack of ambition onto you. You have a plan, go for it ! ;)

  2. Your plan sounds quite reasonable. Also, not that you don’t know, but Hollywood is a bad benchmark and “hot” is subjective.

  3. not shallow or superficial at all ... self improvement or betterment is never a bad thing :)

  4. You know I love you, but I think you're an idiot.

  5. Oops. You wouldnt know I loved you if I were anonymous. Here is me, in all my glory. Still think you are an idiot.

    1. Care to elaborate on why you think I am an idiot? :) xx

  6. Hi Samantha. So you want to lose weight... you silly girl. You're being a little superficial, not thinking about getting better, but comparing you to women that not play football. Your extra weight is not due to fat, but muscles, those muscles that gives you speed, balance and power kicking the ball. If you were a pro-football player, you'll be just 2kg over your ideal weight. So go for 60Kg instead, and please be proud of your body.
    Because you're not a weak actress who cannot even kick a ball. You're a damn hot football player!

  7. You know as well as I do, missy, that 167cm and 60kg is the correct weight. 52kg is WAY underweight. And, you'll lose all of your boobage. I did, when I got down to 54kg. I was an absolute skeleton. I don't understand why you think you need to lose weight. :-( 60kg is your limit. If you go under that, I will fly over there and tie you up, or something.

    And listen to the other person - your extra weight is MUSCLE. Models and actresses, unless they specifically require muscle for a role, have none! They're skinny weak sticks and when I was a muscled but skinny stick, all my male friends told me I was unattractive. You have a gorgeous figure.


  8. I understand you darling :-)

    Being 65 myself I am also aiming for 55, and yes, people don't seem to like it because of my past too. Oh and we are the same height, lols go team :-)

    Anyways, have you tried coke zero? Cuts out a lot of calories and it's not as nasty as diet coke. My bestie and housemate has banned me from the stuff because I practically live on it.

    I think the goal isn't unrealistic, I even spoke to my doctor about losing 10kgs and he was happy for me to do so. But short of magic pills I'm pretty lazy (sadly said pills exist but cost soooo much).

    Just be safe and allow yourself to stumble, gone are the days where one could starve oneself, food is too good :-( lols!

  9. You're an idiot because of what everyone else has mentioned, but because I am long winded, I will go over it again myself.

    You are far more active than the people you are holding yourself up against. Sure, you may have not saved the world from a robot alien invasion (yet), but your day to day life holds a lot of energy burning, muscle building exercise.

    With all the respect to your female form that you deserve, losing weight will lose boobage, and as a great philosopher once said "There is a shortage of perfect breasts in the world, it would be a pity to damage yours". (Told you there is a princess bride quote for every situation).

    Personally, you have what I would consider a very attractive body at the moment, but the second you hit under 60kg, you would become unattractive (to me, at least). Women are made to have curves. Media have made you think that curve = fat. Curves are not fat. They are natural, and god-dammit, the essence of femininity. So unless you are indeed planning on becoming a man (I BLOODY KNEW IT), losing weight and subsequently altering your form will have the opposite effect of what you are after.

    Girls have to tell each other that they look gorgeous, but you need to take it from me, the Other Player and your Arch-Enemy for Life!™ (A-E4EVA <3 <3 <3 <3) you are gorgeous. And you could say I am bias, cause I have liked you since... 1998, but if you ask me that just makes me an expert. You were kinda gangly and freckly and awkward looking at that time, but I saw the beauty there, and dammit woman, you've grown into it so majestically. Dont ruin it now because you think some man wont snuggle you if you dont fit some image, be it media's or his. If he wont snuggle you as you are, find a worthier man.

    Is that a little clearer?

  10. Yes, I would kill for your body, but I get you want to loose weight and for girls your weight 2 or 3 kilos makes a difference. I suspect that in England with the lack of exercise, pub dinners and beers that this will be put straight back on. So by all means increase your exercise - it makes me feel better. I think your eating plan is not too drastic. 2 fruits and 5 veges, have a yoghurt everyday and increase your water intake. but if you fall off the wagon dont beat yourself up, just get back on the wagon the next day. I am 71 kg and 167 and although I would like to be 58kg when I was married 16 years ago - 65 is my goal weight! I think loosing that amount in that time is quite aggresive...just take it slow. but above all remember that you are gorgeous just the way you are! The blokes an idiot if he doesnt think you are hot just the way you are!!

  11. Dont take advice from anyone who spells "losing" "loosing" -But do whatever makes you happy - bry x

  12. But your body is perfect... I would kill for your tummy... If your really intent on doing this don't cut everything drasticly... still have some treats..

    - May xx

  13. I have the same weight and height as you and my boyfriend freaking likes it...Two years ago I lost some weight due to stress and had 57 kg..and I thought I looked pretty good, but now, when my old body weight is back and I see the pictures from two years ago I am shocked how skinny I was. Now I have amazing boobs and a killer ass and I damn like it. You shouldnt be inspired by Hollywood actresses and models and the Hollywood shallow thoughts of beauty. People say that TV adds 8kg, so when you see someone on TV think about how skinny they must be in reality. A women is meant to be feminine and curvy, soft and healthy and not be just bones. Man like feminine women!!!!! The only reason why people consider Megan Fox, Jessica is because they are famous and they have a certain image thanks to the media. I am not gonna lie to you, sometimes when I see the Hollywood photoshop "perfection" I sometimes feel kinda bad, but you have to be proud of who you are. They are always women like Scarlett Johansson, Selma Hayek, Beyonce, Sophia Vegara and so on, who are considered pretty hot and feminine. And they will always be greater sex symbols than Megan Fox or Kate Moss. So don't obsess with your weight cause you are normal and most girls would kill to have curves like also ;)

  14. I wanted to lose 3kg. Then I read your blog and realize I am the same height and weight as Jessica Alba. Hooray! I don't need to diet after all. Thank you for helping me see the error of my ways.