Tuesday, 21 June 2016

And now a word from the 'No More D*ck Pics' girl - Samantha Mawdsley Pt 1

My name is Samantha Mawdsley and I am not funny, just so you know. If the people who love me the most were to describe me, they would use words like sweet, honest, enthusiastic, caring, generous, ditzy, sensitive, or loud. But they would run through a heck of a lot more adjectives before they got to funny. My dad said "oh, I don't know. You're funny in a quirky way" so even he doesn't rely on me for witty one-liners and acerbic zingers. So know that I didn't do all this to become the next Amy Schumer. In fact the only reason I did do this is because James told me not to. Pure and simple.

I also want to address the fact that I have seen a handful of people dismissing 'No More D*ck Pics' as fake. To be honest, I can see where they're coming from. James did start to turn into a stereotype of the kind of dudebro who thinks sending a happy snap of their junk is an opening line. But rest assured (or depressed), this whole exchange actually happened as reported. I have also been approached by many other women who have received e-Polaroids from Mr D*ck Pic himself. That, of course, does not confirm that James is a real personal profile, but I hope it does confirm that I didn't create a fake profile and send myself unsolicited penis imagery. Of course, if I sent them to myself, they're no longer unsolicited but that's getting a bit circular. Just rest assured that there was somebody I don't know logged into the account known as James.

So what actually did happen? Let me start from the start, in my own words.

I went to bed after having a few drinks while watching the Euros at around 1.30am on what was technically Sunday June 12. As always, the last thing I did was check my Facebook. That's when I saw the little notification - but why in the hell would somebody be commenting on a restaurant review I left months ago? Now I know that James knew what he was doing. If he hadn't commented, I would not have received any kind of notification and would not have checked my filtered message requests for weeks, if ever. Who actually looks at them?! And I guess James wanted to engage with me. Or he wanted me to engage with his penis anyway. But I hypothesise that he wanted both of us to be online at the same time so a conversation could ensue. I suppose I obliged.

To begin with, my immediate reaction was a mixture of revulsion and humiliation. I am not ashamed to admit that I have been the victim of this kind of sexual harassment offline too. When I was 15 and wearing my school uniform, I was in a public library waiting for my trampolining lesson to start. I suddenly heard a strange noise beside me. I looked over at the man there and noticed that he was staring at me intently while masturbating. I instantly went numb and felt completely powerless. I felt a hot mix of shame and fear and for some reason, my body did not or could not react. What I wish I'd done now is jump back while screaming loudly. I wish everyone in that library had turned to see what the commotion was and found themselves staring at an exposed penis and a terrified schoolgirl. I wish he'd been tackled by good Samaritans who came to my aid, and he'd been arrested. I wish I'd bravely pressed charges and, with the support of my family, faced the perpetrator and ensured this never happened to another girl. But what I actually did was quietly shift in my seat so that I couldn't see him, wait until a minute or two had passed, and then quickly take my books to wait in the gymnasium reception. At this point, I wonder if there are men reading who don't understand and feel they would have reacted differently. I wonder if there are women reading who completely understand and feel they would have done the same thing. If that is the case, please take a moment to ponder why that is.

So here I am, twice as old, feeling those same feelings. And with the bravado that can only come from alcohol and a buffer of 4,426 miles, I chose a different reaction - which was anything but staying silent, really!

My first response came from a place of anger and wanting him to just go away. But I didn't want him to feel like he'd elicited any kind of emotional response from me. Yes, I fell back on the lazy and ridiculous notion that 'bigger is better', but I have the feeling that was the level James was playing at and the lowest common denominator is always the easiest. So I googled "large dick pic" and found a somewhat lengthier penis to show James.

And this, dear reader, is where I thought this whole event would stop. But James was not impressed with this response and tried to call me out. When he said he was "nice", I decided to ignore the fact he obviously meant by complimenting my eyes (yeah, ok...) and pretend I thought he meant by sending me a portrait of a penis. I was then as "nice" as I could be, alternating between saving photos and sending them on to James.

James responded with some misogyny. After my cheap shot about penis-size, I suppose I deserved it. But James called on the misogyny and raised me some homophobia - what a class act!

Like that annoying friend showing you their favourite movie for the first time, I am going to poke you in the ribs and say here comes the best part - then I'm going to mouth along with my favourite quote...

I just want to puke just stop please
Cue more phallic pinups...

For some reason, James suddenly decided I had besmirched his penile honour and leapt to its defence! I never insulted his penis, but trust me, it really does have a bump thing on it. I don't know why he got so defensive. I didn't want to go the low blow of penis-size again, but I did want to highlight how unremarkable his penis is, so I told him so.

Then I realised what I had said - "sea of dicks". Like I said, I am not funny, but I laughed at that, and promptly sent him another wave of wangs.

James was unimpressed and tried to explain that there was something wrong with me. I, of course, brought out my piñata of logic and beat it with my stick of truth. But James was too busy missing the point elsewhere.

Happy with my obvious victory, I was content to be done and leave him with a final trading of insults.

Buuuuuut the temptation to get in some more sneaky unsolicited dick pics was too much. I figured he would give up as he was clearly getting nowhere with me - I was impervious to his manly charms!

But James just kept checking his messages. Like, did he think that instead of another wiener, it would be me saying "My beloved! Please wait! I fear I have erred, for I now see that yours is the only willy for me! Whilst thou ever forgive me?"

I apologise if my next comment comes across as homophobic, but please know it was actually meant to be completely seriously! Obviously I don't actually think James is gay, but I do 1,000% think it's ok to be gay! But if I do inadvertantly offend anyone, I wholeheartedly apologise!

For the record, that is the actual site I was getting the penises off. Maybe you could play Bellend Bingo? Or not. So I kept up with my belief that he would tire of my steady stream of schlongs...

And this was very nearly where it ended until this...

If you notice, there is now suddenly a nine minute jump in the time. That's because I stopped talking to him at 1.38am to screenshot the entire exchange, and this took me until 1.41am. It is timestamped that I didn't even consider doing anything with this conversation until this vile little weasel told me not to. I didn't screenshot anything else for another nine minutes.

I swear this was accidental. It was only as I typed "lots of penises" that I was all "LOL - I did it again!". Like I said at the start, I am not funny! I was also unprepared for this because the careful observer will notice that I started repeating penises.

I also gave the piñata of logic another whack and this time it broke! But James dodged all the sweet candy realisations...

Instead, he triumphantly held aloft a nugget of misogyny!

I then vaguely accused him of paedophilia only to have him jump on the word 'little'. I meant the penis pics that were little, rather than the pics of a little penis, but I guess James has a complex or something...

You can see it's now 2am, I am really tired and I just want him to stop. It is only pure stubbornness that is keeping me going at this point (and tiredness is not an excuse, I apologise for the following casual comment which is not trans-inclusive).

You can see again that I really thought the conversation was over (2am screenshot!)

My little cogs are turning over and it is starting to dawn on me that of all the possible outcomes of a guy like James sending a woman an unsolicited dick pic, the one they fear most - perhaps the only one they fear - is being publicly outed as a digital flasher.

Despite how tired I was, I was still clearly remembering the way the conversation went. I am pretty awful to argue with, and wasn't going to let this talent be withheld from James.

You can see I even start getting antsy thinking that he will suddenly delete the conversation (although I am not sure that is even possible in hindsight?) and I screenshot while he was still typing. Turns out he was busy getting pretty damn desperate...

But I am really starting to tire now and don't have it in me to keep arguing.

Realising his feeble attempt at mustering niceness might have been in vain, seeing as I haven't gone weak at the knees over his insistence that he was "kind with me girl", he reverts back to his default position of misogyny and swearing.

I didn't know what I planned to do with the screenshots at this point, but I figured a safe bet was sending them to Bye Felipe, an amazing instagram account and podcast that calls guys out on their behaviour when dealing with women who are not interested them in. I didn't care that he didn't know what the hashtag meant and decided to go to sleep.

Now as I settled in to sleep, I wondered what I would do with the pics. I decided that since James was in America and had a few more hours left of awake time, if he decided to apologise I would not post the screenshots. That was absolutely and honestly my decision as I went to sleep.

Now I only have around 400 Facebook friends, most of whom I know from real life, so the post going viral was not actually a possibility I considered. I thought a couple might get a laugh from my sense of humour, and maybe one or two would even share it. So when I woke up and there was nothing in my inbox (he hadn't even blocked me or anything), I decided to do the only thing that James seemed to fear.

I uploaded 45 screenshots in an album I titled 'No More D*ck Pics', covered the offensive parts of the pictures with Facebook stickers and hit publish. It was such a non-event to me. I called my dad in Australia as I usually do and even mentioned it to him, just so he wasn't shocked to see me posting something so sexual. After explaining what a 'dick pic' is, Dad told me he was proud of me for standing up to the twerp.

When I got off the phone, I checked my Facebook. The post had been shared about five times by then. More shares than I'd ever had before. My friends had also started commenting and two said they wanted to send James pics too. I laughed at the screenshots they sent me when they did. At that point, I knew James would be aware that I had posted it and that was literally all that mattered to me regarding the whole incident - that he didn't get away with it. But then the number of shares started going up. And up. And up. My friends were delightedly commenting s the numbers hit 500, 600, 700. 1,000 and still growing!

The next morning when I woke up, the post had over 10,000 shares. My Facebook filtered messages, a button I never thought of before, suddenly contained hundreds of messages - "Are you THE Samantha Mawdsley?" I was flooded with friend requests. In the 15 minutes it took me to walk to work, 'No More D*ck Pics' was shared another 300 times.

It was then that I said to my boyfriend "umm... I think I'm in trouble..."


  1. I'm confused - why would someone who sends dick pics to a random stranger then worry that they would be published and more random strangers would see them? Surely that just increases his chances that some random stranger might actually 'like' his dick? In fact, I think you've done him a service and he should be thanking you for the opportunity! Anyway, seeing as James is SO interested in dicks he might like to take a look at this website (it's not JUST dicks but there are some interesting ones on it) - I hope that this reassures James that although his dick may be fairly unremarkable (other than the bump - and he should really get that checked out!) it's is (in all probability) larger than most other mammals. Tell James that Sarah says he's welcome :-) http://listverse.com/2012/11/29/10-bizarre-animal-genitalia/

    1. Sorry, PRIMATES not mammals - loads of mammals have larger dicks than James ...

  2. Hi Samantha, I’m glad to find you are back online. I shared your story at the time, and was one of the people critical of Facebook when I found they had suspended your account, Tweeting and writing to them to point out their misogyny. I hope you’ll consider allowing people to “subscribe” to your Facebook profile—I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to send a friend request (or certainly not a photograph!). All my friends loved the way you handled this, and let’s say we admire you for your nous and for showing James (and hopefully other men) that this sort of conduct is not acceptable!

  3. This is truly a great thing you have done. I know it's nothing to do with me really, but I would like to apologise on behalf of all male people for the foolishness and unpleasantness of that misguided baboon. Truly great. Thank you.

  4. You miss. . .are a hero. Well played. May others stand up for themselves as you have.

  5. Wohooooo you did great job
    Well they have to teach how to talk with women and this kind of men need a doctor like you who can teach them

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