Monday, 31 October 2011

I heart my body!

I promised yesterday I wouldn't blog about death for a while. So that will be the last mention of the D word for this post!

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

I was inspired (again) by the most amazing blogger I know, Miss Lori (Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mum) and her post: "Everybody's body is beautiful!" If you have a blog, you should join in too!

Here's the "I heart my body" deal:
If someone asked you what you love about your body would you be able to answer them right away?
Or would you instead think of all the lumpy bits first?
Today is I Heart My Body day and we are doing just that.
Loving our bodies just as they are.
To join in all you need to do is post a picture to your blog and tell us what YOU love about your body.
So... here it is!
So what do I love about my body?

I heart my curves. I love that even though I'm not very big, I still somehow manage to have a classic hourglass figure. (Something only 8% of the population has, apparently).

I heart that little dippy line thing that runs straight down the middle of my tummy.
Confidence = sexy
I heart that my boobs aren't very big and I can still get away with wearing a top with no bra.

I heart that (most of the time) my body can get me through a 90 min football game and do amazing things with a football without too much input from my brain.
Hands up if you heart your body!
It may not be perfect but I heart my body!

Miss SAMawdsley xx

PS: Unfortunately, not everyone loves their body. Read one story here: Taking the plunge


  1. One moment...

    *45 seconds later*

    I love your body too! ^_^

  2. good work babe thats wat its all about, trying to have a positive attitude bout ur body, i no u have struggled with self esteem issues like most girls so it musta been hard 4 u 2 post this. haters gona hate sweets luv ya babe!

  3. Uh, we all love your body 8-}

  4. Lovely post and hand up to being a fellow hourglass, it's great isn't it? :)

    The post you mentioned is incredibly moving too.

  5. I thought I commented yesterday, but ah well...

    Proud of you, from someone with massively bad self confidence it's very inspiring to see this, well done sweetheart!

    - Nikki :-)

  6. Where are the haters?

    Censorship is fail >.<

    Dont mean to have a go at you, but it kind of defeats your point of "Say what you wanna say, I dont care" if you then turn around and remove negative comments.

  7. The comment wasn't posted here. Like I said, I didn't even read it. It was on another social networking site & I didn't care enough to read it. That's the only negative response I heard of. Everyone else was fantastically supportive! :) xx

  8. When we seek validation from people who can barely see past the end of their noses, it’s a bit like having a valuable property and asking a random person off the street who has no idea about property value and doesn’t give a hoot, ‘How much is this worth?’.

    It’s also a bit like leaving your handbag in front of a kleptomaniac and wondering why they take the contents out of it and then wondering what it is about you that they couldn’t resist the urge to help themselves to your handbag.

    So stuff the haters! You look fabulous! We participated for the first time this year (showed a tad more than you) and thankfully only very positive comments resulted.


  9. Looking gorgeous! I would love to be able to go bra-less...having to hide straps in every outfit gets exhausting!

  10. You are beautiful!

    I love that you are so damn positive about your body. It is so great to hear! I'd love just a little of your positivity please ;)


  11. Guys, you all rock my world! Thank you so much for your kind words! You're all so sweet! xx

  12. This is attention seeking at its finest. Sorry, honey. I am not that confident either but I don't go around posting pictures of myself in my underwear on the internet.

    1. Does this go for the hundreds of bloggers who participated in "I heart my body"? Or just the skinny ones? Or maybe just me? In any case, please refer to my post: Haters gonna hate. Thanks for reading & taking the time to comment. xx

    2. Wow, I even did it in no underwear at all.....imagine??!!

      It's bravery, not confidence....and it allows everyone to recognise that we are all different and we are all the same.

      Nice one, SM.