Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tarot readings for my fans!

Here are the requested Tarot readings from my last post. I will add to them as I complete them. The newest will be posted at the top. Please check back regularly if you have posted anonymously. Feel free to comment & tell me just how wrong I am! :) And if you want me to read your Tarot, just check out this post and comment: Free Tarot readings!

Miss SAMawdsley xx

PS: Please remember, I do not claim to be a real psychic or anything. This is for fun and you should take everything I have written (borne entirely from what I can see in the cards) with a grain of salt!

~ For Lori_RRSAHM (11/12/11) ~
I've never wanted to rig a reading more than when I was about to read for Lori, but I just don't have that sort of dishonesty in me (even the white lie that may make somebody smile.) So, here goes...

Looking at these cards, it looks to me like you are stretching yourself so thin looking after everyone but yourself - but you're doing a damn fine job!

The Sun: This first card is the card that represents you. And you are The Sun. You are optimistic, you are positive. Brightness and happiness shines down on all your affairs.

The Man: How interesting that you should ask about love and the man should fall immediately after you. This means there is a man. There is definitely a man. And because The Mountain is beside him, he is a foreigner. I'm sure he speaks English, but he is not from Australia - he was born overseas.

The Mountain: Something big, solid and dependable is coming. Think of The Mountain as a rock. Everyone needs a rock and this man will be / is yours. The Mountain next to The Rider suggests it is time for a short holiday.

The Rider: The Rider is often about news but since the reading is clearly about a man it indicates that this man is a gentleman. He comes riding in on his steed, not to deliver a message but as a "knight in shining armour" as such.

The Whip: The Whip indicates troubles. Not everything is smooth sailing. The cards that surround The Whip indicate where the trouble will lie and unfortunately, it will be with your children. One of the cards that can lesson the impact of these troubles is The Sun. You. So you will have control of this situation. Perhaps your children (I hate knowing things about the subject, but I do know you) will not be as initially accepting of this gentleman as you are. but that is OK. Your happiness and calming influence will settle this.

The Child: Miss Lori, in a reading about your love life, I am not in the least bit surprised that your children should pop up. As the story is unfolding in the cards, there will be difficulties, but The Flowers are the last card. And The Flowers falling beside The Child promises a happy event. So although there may be struggles, in the end, it will all come up roses!

The Flowers: I am going to quote my little reference book verbatim, because I can not think of a better way to sum up what this card means, especially as the final card. And it makes my heart beat so big to read it. "This is a lovely card. Anywhere the flowers fall, you are being looked after. The overall meaning of this card is happiness. It may refer to an improvement after a long period of unhappiness or to the return of someone who will bring you happiness again. In either case, the flowers are very encouraging."

And because of The Child and The Flowers, I need to tell you to give your daughter an extra special hug and kiss.

Miss SAMawdsley xx

~ For Tracks4050 (11/12/11) ~
First impression is what a happy and blessed life you have! :)

The Clover: What a super bright and happy way to start a reading. The first cards tends to represent you. And first off the bat, the advice is breathe. Stop worrying, stop stressing and chill out. Everything is fine! Seriously!

The Lily: I would tell you your work is fine and not to stress but I don't feel that is it. The Lily with The Rider suggests it may be your health that is more worrying to you.

The Rider: There is news coming and because it falls next to The Lily, it is positive and your health will improve.

The Star: Another bright, shiny, sparkly and happy card. My, my. Things are going to go well for you! Something of a wish is at hand and some good luck is coming your way. The only clearer indicator would have been The Star falling right after The Clover! Expect happiness!

The Mouse: This is normally not a positive card. It means trials and dishonesty on the part of someone close to you. Very few cards can override the negative implications however, luckily for you, The Star is one of them. There may be trials and negativity in the background but don't let it affect you.

The Garden: Some positive gatherings will be happening soon. It may be as trivial as a fantastic Christmas to be had, but people will gather and it will be great. I'm inclined to suggest this is where the niggling person may appear but you really needn't worry your pretty little head about all that.

The Fish: The fish is a goldfish. Why? Because gold is coming! Because it lies beside The Garden, chances are it is somehow related to work. If there is no possibility of a promotion or a bonus coming your way, if I were you, I would buy a lottery ticket or a scratchie while at work. Is there a Christmas raffle? Chances are you'll win it!

If I could make these predictions come true for you, I would. My goodness, some positivity and happiness seems to be coming your way! It seems you will come through any tough times with a radiant smile on your face! I hope I'm right!

Miss SAMawdsley xx

~ For Robert Kerr (11/12/11) ~
My first impression is of a lot of destiny. I also feel that you believe your future lies in the hands of other people. I'm not sure this is true.

The Man: This is you. That is all. it simply means that this is your journey and this is all about you.

The Cross: This is the card of destiny. It is neither a positive or negative card, it simply says that what follows in the reading must happen.

The Road: This is a card of change. A new job has just begun and as per The Cross, it is what you are meant to be doing. Because it falls beside The Rider, you are soon to undertake a journey. Regardless of the distance or time, this will be a very important journey.

The Rider: There is news that you have been waiting for and it will soon come. As this is a lucky card, the news should be positive. If it is not positive news, it promises improvement once the news has been revealed. As this is your central card, it indicates this news is pivotal. Again, The Road beside this card indicates the trip but chances are it is a small and short trip.

The Ring: This is a positive cards about relationships with someone but considering the cards surrounding it, I am not inclined to say it's a romantic relationship. But it is a deep and important bond, none-the-less.

The Fox: The Fox suggests you need some cunning on your part. Sadly, The Fox appearing next to the Ring suggests that a loved one is not being entirely honest with you. But keep your thoughts to yourself for the time being, just in case.

The Bird: Unfortunately this card rings alarm bells. The fact that the bird is in fact an owl demands wisdom on your part. However, you should note that The Bird is down the complete other end from The Man (you) so you are enduring some grief and uncertainties. The Bird is also close to The Ring and this says that you are acting rather nervously and may be pushing away those you love (and who love you!)

From this reading it appears your life is rather stagnant right now however it will soon change. Some good news will come your way and as long as you can keep your cool through some currently difficult relationships, everything will turn out positively. Your destiny is unfolding...

Miss SAMawdsley xx

~ For The Recipe Binder (10/12/11) ~
My first impression is a rather unsettled life. It looks like people and problems are assaulting you from all angles. Let's look closer.

The Mouse: Someone is not being honest but they keep hanging around. They have self-serving intentions and are making your life rather difficult.

The Snake: So much dishonesty, I feel bad for you. There is somebody very two-faced who is causing you problems. Because this card is coupled with The Mouse, it warns you to be very, very careful. But all is not lost as The Sun is right there and it means that you have the wisdom to overcome this situation. The advice is to hold your tongue for a while. You know what is happening but speaking out is not wise right now. And do not reveal your plans to other people just yet. Keep your cards close to your chest.

The Sun: This is a wonderful card and confirms everything will turn out for the best - no matter how difficult it may seem right now. The Sun is shining brightly and you simply need to be patient and remain true to yourself.

The Tree: This is your central card so it is very important. It demands you sit and consider your situation carefully. You must think things through. Your cards keep getting better so you are not going to be beaten by this malicious person or situation. This card gives you strength, wisdom and  confidence in your situation.

The Coffin: This is a scary looking card, I know, but it refers to your situation. Because it is beside your central card it means your situation is going to remain stagnant for sometime. Unfortunately this will not be resolved straight away. However The Tree promises a recovery from this.

The Ship: Travel. Perhaps you should try to get away from this situation for a while. Nothing significant, just  put some distance between yourself and that person/situation.

The Dog: The Dog represents a friend or someone who is loyal to you. I think you need to get away to a friend who is a little further away than around the corner. Perhaps this will help things back home clear up. But it definitely means you have friends and family who are loyal to you and will support you, no matter what. They will be very important through all of this.

I hope you can relate to this otherwise my whole reading was a complete waste! Haha! Forget that negative person and just be the best person you can be - that is not just enough, that is perfect.

Miss SAMawdsley xx

~ For @CheeseChuckers (10/12/11) ~
First off, my initial impression is your life is rather segmented and separate. You have very different, individual parts of your life and you try to keep them that way.

The Heart: This represent love, naturally. It is well supported by The Flowers and indicates that in regards to matters of the heart, all is well, all is bright and all is happy. It should stay that way too.

The Flowers: Continuing with the happiness of The Heart, you are being looked after. Perhaps something you have longed for will finally come to fruition - this however, may be professionally, as it is next to The Lily, which indicates work.

The Lily: This is a matter of work. I wonder if perhaps you met the person you are so happy with through work? This would not surprise me... Although with The Whip so close, perhaps it indicates you are having a hard time at work. With how segmented your life is, this is more likely.

The Whip: Strife, quarrels, tension and troubles. This card does not bode well and The Lily suggests these difficulties are at work or in your work.

The Book: Relating to The Lily, is it perhaps writing you are having trouble with? Not necessarily difficulty writing a book but with The Letters, perhaps you are having trouble communicating effectively with somebody at work?

The Letters: This lets you know that some news is on the way. Unfortunately, The Mouse beside The Letters does not suggest good news. That's not to say it will be devastating news, but it might not quite be the message you were hoping to get.

The Mouse: Someone is nibbling away at you. They are being sneaky and you need to be alert. I can only assume, looking at the preceding cards, that this is somebody within your work environment.

Having analysed the whole spread, I would think the situation at work may be affecting your relationship at the moment. But don't worry, it will get better and the relationship will overcome these trials.

Miss SAMawdsley xx


  1. Oh wow how awesome!!! Thanks so much Sam- I am printing this out for future referance!! xxx

  2. I'm interested in a reading. What do i need to do?

  3. My pleasure, Lori! I hope it all means something to you & you can keep that smiling positivity! xx

  4. Hi Sapere,
    Just leave a comment on this blog post ( and I will work my way down the list & let you know when I've completed your reading! It's as simple as that! xx

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