Friday, 26 October 2012

I Heart My Body 2012

It's that time of the year again. Time for the "I Heart My Body" campaign & beautiful women everywhere, of every shape and size, to tell the word not only that they heart their bodies, but also why.

I participated in the "I Heart My Body" campaign last year and for the most part, received nothing but positive feedback. But I dedicate this post to the haters from last year. Why? Because I'm doing it again. Because I do heart my body and in the spirit of the campaign, I am shouting it from the highest mountain top I have: My blog.

I love that my body puts up with the beating I give it - football and scootering down huge hills... It may not always serve me so well. It's terrifically unco. But it keeps on going and keeps on being beautiful! This year, I am highlighting my favourite parts of my body.

I heart my body!

I heart my stomach. It may not be perfect but it's the part of my body that makes me feel sexiest

I heart my stupid little middle toe on my right foot. I don't know what its deal is but like the rest of me, it's not perfect and a little bit quirky for no good reason.

I heart my freckles. It's taken me a loooooong time to get to this point after years of teasing, but I do. Especially the three freckles on my right knee that spell out VIP. Can you see them?

I heart my smile. This is another thing that has taken me years to love. My smile has always been my most complimented feature, with the words "Your smile just lights up a room" being the most common compliment I receive. But after 13 months of braces, I finally see what everyone else has always seen and I heart my smile.

Miss SAMawdsley xx

  • Name three things you heart about your body!
  • If you have a blog, join the I Heart My Body campaign here!


  1. Thank you for joining in again this year. You are gorgeous!

    I can see the 'v' but not the others. Off to try and find it again. And I am off to find some words in my freckles ;)


  2. I get to be the first to say..

    NaNa NaNa NaNa NaNa Batman!

    Reading about scootering downhills had me covering my eyes with fear and I am reading not even watching! Sounds like you and your body are having a lot of fun together!

  3. I love the Batman , you rock it .
    I think a smile is a very important feature to love and your smile beams.
    I can see the VIP and of course you are.

  4. Freckle glossary. Better than clouds...