Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How to get published? Just ask!

For the last two years, I've been writing a book for the 100+ Club, a completely unfunded social club exclusively for centenarians. I interviewed members of the club, all of whom are aged 100 or more. I can honestly say that during this time I've enjoyed the acquaintance of some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and will ever meet.

Ivy Bean, 104
Ivy Bean lived in Yorkshire, England. I was lucky enough to be in England last year and I borrowed a car and road tripped with my brother for four hours to meet Ivy and her daughter, Sandra. My brother had never met a centenarian and he was awestruck by Ivy's vitality and sense of humour. As a Manchester United fan, she even teased my Liverpool loving brother! Ivy told us all about her trip to London to meet the British Prime Minister. Amazingly, at 104 it was her first ever visit to London! Sadly, Ivy passed away in mid-July.

Olive Webber, 102
 At 89, Olive decided she was going to fulfil her dream of becoming a singer. And she did. Olive has a wonderful voice and often regales her fellow club members with songs of old at 100+ Club functions. At 99, Olive competed in Senior Idol and at 101, she produced and starred in her own play!

Ruth Frith, 102
As far as inspirational goes, you can't look past Ruth Frith! At 101, Ruth is the oldest competitor at the Master's games. She trains and competes in shot put, hammer throw, javelin and discus. I've lifted her hammer and trust me, it is heavy!!!

Gertrude Volker, 107

At 107, Gertrude was the oldest member interviewed for the book. She told wonderful stories about her childhood and even had a sewing project from primary school to show us.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

So how am I going to get the stories of these amazing people published? Simple. Just ask!

You can donate (as little as $1) towards getting the 100+ Club book published. Donations from $5 upwards are rewarded with such things as a thank you from the 100+ Club, your name &/or photo published in the book, a signed copy of the book and even lunch with a centenarian and me! Please give what you can! I know centenarians aren't as cute and fluffy as babies or puppies but they're simple (yet amazing!) people who deserve to have their story told and to see their name in print! "Every little helps!"

(Alternatively, please become a fan of the 100+ Club on Facebook!)

Sister Brenda Browne, 104
Edna Frank, 102
Marjorie Bostock, 102
Phyllis Thomas, 101

Sally Davis, 103
Thelma Kennedy, 103
Miss SAMawdsley xx


  1. what a wonderful idea this group is

  2. Thanks! Please support the 100+ Club any way you can! xx