Wednesday, 13 June 2012

#WBFM My first State of Origin

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So here I am, alone on my couch beside a cupcake paper. I am about to watch my first State of Origin since primary school. Back then, we actually wondered who would win - Queensland or New South Wales. My brother and I would watch it so we could discuss it at school the next day. I am watching tonight as part of my 'Will Blog For Music' campaign at the request of my kind benefactor, Jacob Grams.

I am not a newbie to NRL. It's no secret that I am a diehard football fan and consider all other sports to be sub-standard but once upon a time I was a huge Broncos fan. I was a sweet little blonde girl of about four years old and I loved nothing more than going with my Nana to see the Broncos play! Imagine little Samantha in her pigtails, wearing her brother's old jersey and waving her little flag! One of Nana's favourite stories to tell about me was the time we were at a Broncos game and I spotted a rough-looking bikie fellow who wasn't standing for the national anthem. I screeched, "Nana! That man isn't standing!" She panicked that I was about to cause trouble but instead, the 7'8" Hell's Angel looked ashamed and stood.

When the Broncos were playing Saint George in what my googling has led me to believe was the 1993 Grand Final, I made up a sign using one A4 sheet of paper for each letter spelling out "Let's go broncos!" My best friend Jess and I put on our Broncos jerseys and she stood out the front of the house with a whistle. Whenever a car drove past my house she blew the whistle. That was my cue to ride my pink BMX around the front of the house with my flag billowing behind me! God, we were cool... The neighbours across put up their own sign saying "Up St George" and it was all a friendly rivalry... until the cops showed up. We were terrified. Was there public picketing laws we were breaking? Were we supposed to get a permit? Were we going to jail? The cops pulled out their loudspeaker and stared us down. We stood... wondering how they treated seven year olds in prison. The cop spoke and it echoed around the streets: "Tshh... Who's gonna win?!...Tshh" We were ecstatic and screamed "BRONCOS!!!"


So it's nearly kick off time. I have a few thoughts.
  • I've seen Seal sing one of his two songs. But unless I've slipped into a brief coma, it appears nobody is singing the national anthem? I hope they're just waiting for the players to take to the field.
  • I don't remember anybody "delivering the ball" before, but I thought honouring the police with that waste of taxpayers money and police resources spectacular use of the helicopter was rather touching.
  • I thought I might spot some eye-candy to amuse me through the dull parts but alas, it appears not.
  • My initial thoughts on the commentators are they are all very angry. I didn't think sport required such passion and yelling before the ball was even in the stadium, let alone in play! There is a lot of testosterone in the atmosphere, it seems.

Oh, lots of men are hugging! This must mean kick off is imminent!


Bahahahahahaha!!The lead in 'Legally Blonde: The Musical' is singing the national anthem! Product placement fail, much?


As I watch, these are my thoughts as they happen:
  • Where did the Queensland #2 get his white & pink boots from? They're super cute!
  • Was there an official dress code to get into the NSW side of the stadium? Every. Single. Person. has a blue jersey and a blue curly wig on! It's kind of awe-inspiring.
  • In a way, I am thankful that football doesn't have all the video ref and replays that NRL does. It seriously stunts the flow of the game. Admittedly, the correct decision is always reached but at what cost? It seems the ref won't make any decision without seeing it in super slow-mo...
  • There is a lot of nearly fighting, but not nearly enough really fighting.
  • NSW scored. I was afraid of this. The first time I watch the State of Origin and I curse my fellow Queenslanders to a loss. At least they didn't convert the try...
  • There's tackling a guy and there's playing Stacks On and deliberately smashing him into the ground. Perhaps the finer differences should be discussed with the players.
  • And while we're at it, what's the purpose of the scrum if the player throwing it in throws to his side of the scrum? Something about hugging each other and team building or something? Seriously. Anyone?
  • Dad just saw the NSW crowd. We had the following conversation.
Dad: They look like Oompa Loompas! Or Smurfs!
Me: No! No! They look like Things!!
Dad: ...
Me: Shut up! No. Things!
NSW supporters


It's half time and thankfully, Queensland has taken the lead in the 40th minute. Yeah, I know. 40 minute halves. Wusses. Suck it up for another 5 minutes, princesses!! As I wait for Ice Age 4 to bring more than ads (This is like the Super Bowl, right? I'm expecting Janet Jackson's nipple) I remember the time I was part of the State of Origin opening show. Years of dance training meant I was entrusted with a complicated dance routine. I donned a maroon jersey and sprinted across the field. Yeah, I don't get it either. But I was there! Then I left before the game started. I had school the next day!


So it seems that those ads were brought to us by Ice Age 4. Thanks for that... Let's get back into it!
  • Uh oh! NSW scored again. If you blame me, that's OK. I blame me too.
  • Aaaaand NSW scored again. Maybe I should stop typing?
  • Is that guys name really 'Cooper Cronk'? Did his parents say his name out loud before signing the birth certificate?
Oh my... Who cares what a stupid name he has, look
how devastatingly handsome this man is!
  • Queensland is making a comeback now. I'm impressed with that conversion! That takes real skill!
  • When the commentators and refs discuss things, I kind of feel like the adults are talking now. I don't know what they're talking about. I just wait until they announce the result. Oh look. It's not a try! But I have no idea why...

Perhaps my mistake was watching State of Origin alone. I enjoy the friendly Queensland v New South Wales rivalry. I guess a guy I play football with summed it up best. He missed Wednesday night football to watch the last State of Origin. He told me, "I don't actually really like NRL but my mates get together to watch. We don't see each other very much so it's a great excuse to catch up." And I guess that's the only good thing best thing about State of Origin. That, and Cooper Cronk!

State of Origin: An excuse to catch up with mates since 1980
Miss SAMawdsley xx

  • Do you enjoy State of Origin?
  • What did you think of tonight's game?
  • Do you get NRL as a sport?


  1. There is a lot of nearly fighting, but not nearly enough really fighting.

    Best line to sum the game up. I admit i did get more excited by the ice age 4 ad then most of the game... gotta love scrat!

    As for the scrum.... stupid... i wanna see it settled by real men doing what real men do; scissors, paper, rock..

    1. LOL - I can see you falling off the couch laughing at Scrat! :P And couldn't we settle the whole series with Paper, Scissors, Rock? Just, you can't represent Queensland. You suck at it! xx

  2. Suck at paper, scissors, rock or representing Queensland?? Both probably acruate but... rock! and I scored for Qld.... just wrong net... okay I see where your going w.. rock!!

    Scrat is the bomb! I love that little furry guy!

    By the way, I watched the footy tonight with shay and avoided disaster by rescuing dino from her murderous grasp. Pretty much a hero now.

    1. You always go for rock! Trusty, never fail, predictable rock! :P Awww, yay!! Dino lives on!! Naughty Shay! xx

  3. p.s - as stupid as my idea to replace the scrum sounds.. In the olden days (somewhere before colour tv but after dinosuars) if big football matches ended in a draw, screw dot shots, screw extra time, screw golden goal... they flipped a coin! I think lfc won a final or quarter final like this once!

    1. Yeah, some elections are still decided that way too! One in Scotland was decided recently with a coin toss! xx

  4. Its true I always go rock and may fail at that game from time to time but I have you know, I'm an excellent tosser.

    1. I... yes... I have no reason to call that claim into question...

    2. Two-up gets a bit messy...

  5. when I used to take an interest in the annual testosterone feast, we knew who would win, and it was NEVER Queensland

  6. Nice blog, I can totally see you as a little Broncos fan. I missed the game so was a good lunchtime read.